Introducing ... Oakesmuir's many new foals

All are DNA tested/purebred and ABC registered.

A deposit will hold any of these foals until weaning.

Also, we can put together a breeding package of 1 colt and 2 unrelated fillies.

2015 FOALS


  • out of Oakesmuir Eramosa
  • should have some height when she matures as her sire is our own 16hh Curly stallion Oakesmuir Spartan
  • super curly with a full mane and tail


2014 FOALS

Grey filly

  • out of Oakesmuir Hanna
  • should have some height when she matures as her sire is our own 16hh Curly stallion Oakesmuir Spartan
  • solid build with great leg action and curl
2013 FOALS

Pinto filly

  • out of Shianne Lass and by Oakesmuir Duke of Curl
  • suspected homozygous for curl
  • should mature 15hh
2012 FOALS

Bay colt

  • out of Oakesmuir Elora
  • should have some height when he matures as his sire is our own 16hh Curly stallion, Oakesmuir Spartan
  • his full brothers have shown excellent leg action and are over 16hh tall as well

Red dun colt

  • sire is Oakesmuir Spartan and dam is out of Standing Rock lines
  • will mature out over 16hh
  • red dun colour, complete with red leg bars
  • quite a head turner
  • athletic

Oakesmuir Princess ... Holly's filly

  • black and white micro curled filly, suspected homozygous for curl and colour
  • extremely tall for her age
  • well handled and quiet
  • one of the nicest Curlies we have ever bred

Fire and Ice

  • Pinto filly
  • out of WW Cherokee Rain and by Oakesmuir Duke of Curl
  • both parents are pinto coloured Curlies

Oakesmuir Magnolia

  • purebred Curly filly
  • dam is WCC Beauty and her sire is Oakesmuir Pinto Pete
  • granddaughter of the famous Peter Paint
  • has a lovely, year-round curly coat
  • great conformation
  • very tall and solid
  • quiet, well handled and loves attention

Grey pinto filly

  • by Oakesmuir Pinto Pete and out of a Spartacus granddaughter, Silver Dove
  • suspect that she will be homozygous for curl
  • there is a very strong chance that she will throw pinto foals as both of her parents are pinto coloured
2009 FOALS


Oakesmuir Spot, an April 2009 filly, has size and height already at her young age. She was huge at birth and hasn't stopped growing since. Out of 2 Pinto coloured Curlies, both homozygous for curl, she promises to be a unique and sound investment for the breeder who strives for both excellent conformation and curl.


Oakesmuir Domino is a true black and white curly filly. Both of her parents are homozygous for curl and pinto curlies, so there is a great chance that Domino will be an excellent colour and curl producer when she is mature. She has a very tightly crimped coat and a full frizzy mane and tail.


Oakesmuir Copper Change is a very curly colt. This newborn is out of Copper, one of Benny Damele's branded 3D Curlies, and Oakesmuir Spartan. He will be a tall boy with lots of chrome.


Oakesmuir Rosie is a quick and flashy filly. She is quiet to handle and loves attention.


Oakesmuir Mickey, out of Oakesmuir Elora and by Oakesmuir Spartan promises to be very interesting...he is black with blue eyes.


Oakesmuir Dreamer is a huge filly - this picture was taken at less than one month of age. She has a stocky build and there isn't an ounce of fat on this filly - it's all muscle. Lots of colourful curlies in her background, including black and white and tri-coloured pintos, palominos, and more.


Oakesmuir Renegade is a gorgeous buckskin filly. She has the stylish movement of her sire, Oakesmuir Pinto Pete, and promises to be a super addition to any family.


Oakesmuir Flashdance, is colourful and athletic. She is a Spartacus granddaughter and has Peter Paint on her sire's side. Flasher's sire, Oakesmuir Duke of Curl, is homozygous for curl, so there is a good chance that she might be as well. She has the ability and pedigree to be a great performance horse and she would also make a great addition to any breeding program.


Oakesmuir Bullseye born in May 20, 2009. Super stocky, well-built colt will be a head-turner with his build and markings. He would also make an awesome stallion. Picture was taken at one month of age.

2008 FOALS


Oakesmuir Duke of Curl and Mocha Spritz

He is suspected homozygous for curl, and being as both parents are pinto-coloured with a long line of pintos in their background, there is a good chance that he will produce colour.


Dam Oakesmuir Patti Paint - last foal by Jumpin' Jack Flash

Unusual colour - buckskin and white with dark blue eyes. He has tons of curls. Should be a great colour producer when he gets older.


Oakesmuir Pinto Pete and Oakesmuir Eramosa

This is a Peter Paint granddaughter.

2007 FOALS


Born August 7, 2007
Colouring is like a brindle pinto - closeup below

ABC purebred

Daughter of Oakesmuir Spartan


Born 2007

Probably one of the most perfect foals we've ever had


Mocha x Oakesmuir Duke of Curl


Born 2007

Oakesmuir Patti Paint x Jumpin Jack Flash

Curly Filly

Born 2007

Offspring of Oakesmuir Spartan


Born 2007

Oakesmuir Gally x Oakesmuir Spartan


Born July 1, 2007

Sparrow x Oakesmuir Duke of Curl

Oakesmuir Nemor


Oakesmuir Midnight Mayhem


Oakesmuir Canada Day Celeb

Born July 1, 2006

Oakesmuir Rhythm 'n Blues


Oakesmuir Silver Lining


Oakesmuir Buckshot


Oakesmuir Expresso


Oakesmuir Boudica

Filly - we call her 'Boo'

Oakesmuir Magnum
Colt - a very unusual champagne or perlino colour
Oakesmuir Prime Time
Filly - a true black and white