Hypo-allergenic Horse Palace

Indoor riding arena

Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning - three new courses at Oakesmuir Farms


Why Horses?

Using our hypo-allergenic Bashkir Curly horses as teaching tools, we can enable everyone in our program to learn skills that pertain to their life and individual situation. Horses provide instant feedback and promote positive learning through simulations and activities.


New Courses for Fall 2008

The following courses use horses as teaching tools, but no riding is required:

1) Teen Talk – an 8-week course for all youth, including those at risk, that will offer guidance and growth in such challenges as communication, problem solving, relationships, leadership, and respect.

2) Women Facing Changes – an 8-week course; topics covered include problem solving, communication, relationships, positive body image, and empowerment.

3) Girls Rock – an 8-week course for adolescent girls that covers topics such as family roles, team building, positive body image, leadership and self-confidence.

Fall courses are now booking. Each week, participants will cover a specific part of the 8-week curriculum in a 1 – 2 hour lesson. Sessions will include an equine-based activity and reflective discussion/writing opportunities. These programs are all ground-based; no riding is required.

For more information and to see how these programs can benefit your individual, family, or association needs, please call or email:

Sonja Oakes, M.ed.
Tel 519-822-1211 ~ email bashcurl@golden.net


About the Facility

Oakesmuir Farm is proud to introduce the world's first hypo-allergenic riding facility. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who has always wanted to work with horses but was denied the opportunity due to allergies. Curly horses are gentle; everyone quickly learns to appreciate their quiet aptitude.

Courses are taught with our safe, hypo-allergenic Curly school horses, indoors, year round in our 80 x 160-foot arena.


For More Information or To Register

Please contact us at Telephone (519) 822-1211 or email bashcurl@golden.net with any questions or to register for courses.

Aerial view of Oaksmuir Farm

Aerial View - Oakesmuir Farm